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November 25, 2006



I am so happy for you. I have been lurking for quite some time. I am so glad to hear that you and the babies are doing well. Keep your head up. All that matters is that you have your babies and they are so wanted. Enjoy!

Lut C.

There are lots of nicknames you can use with those names. It doesn't have to be Cate and Nate.

It's good to hear they're now both home with you. I hope you're settling into a good routine with the twins.


I'm glad that your babies are now at home with you. I am so glad that they are doing well. Those are wonderful names - it even looks like Cate is smiling in the picture! What cuties!


Lori, your babies are lovely! I'm so happy they are both home with you now.

Please stop beating yourself up. None of this was your fault, any more than infertility was. There was nothing you could have done to change any of it. Feeling unable to cope with being pregnant a second longer did NOT force them out, okay?


Do not for one second think that you brought negative things on yourselves with IVF. Instead realize that what you brought instead was two wonderfully beautiful babies into this world. They are breathtaking and I think you are already a great mom!


The babes are totally adorable! I don't think you did anything wrong by transferring more than one embryo... in the years to come this hard time will be just a fleeting memory, and you'll have two wonderful children in your life!


They are beautiful, and what lovely names. (Nicknames are going to happen no matter what you call a child).

IF is a shadow that just won't stop following.


They are adorable. If they could hear about not wanting ti be pregnant anymore, mine would have been born at 31 weeks. :)


They are lovely, thank you for sharing a picture. What about Catie rather than cate - does that help?

Sorry to hear you had more guilt to contend with, but sweetie you know you did nothing wrong, and your babies are fine. hang in there.


Dear Lori, they are so lovely. And the names are beautiful.

I'm so sorry you had those guilty feelings -- you have no reason to blame yourself for anything.


Lori they are beautiful! Congrats again. Don't beat yourself up, it wasn't your fault. Oh, and I have a good friend named Catherine, whose nickname is Katie...


Hugs to you. With each step of the IVF process and your pregnany, you did what you thought was best. Take care.

lisa in NJ

The babies are soooo cute. Cate even looks there is a smile on her face.


They are so beautiful. And as for the guilt over transfer, I worry about that as well (as I wait to find out how many 'took' and for how long)- but the downside risk is not ever getting pregnant at all- its such a tough call sometimes. But they are healthy and that's the important thing.


They are beautiful! I am so glad they are both home safe and sound. Our boys were early as well and I was unable to be with them for a couple of days due to my own issues so I understand what you mean about someone else looking after your babies.

Enjoy your little ones.


Your babies are absolutely beautiful! I have never seen prettier new born babies! All that really matters is they are home, healthy, and with people who love them! Congratulations!


Lori, congratualtions on these two little wonders. (by the way my friend Catherine is called Cat by one and all ;)

I think it's important to remember that conception and birth is a bit of a crapshoot no matter how we get there. Plenty of singletons (sadly) wind up in the NICU with prematurity issues. Yes, the risk is raised with twins, but I don't think it's that clear-cut.

I am only 9 1/2 weeks along with twins conceived through a 2 blast transfer, and I have had many of the same thoughts as you. Thoughts, frear, guilt.

Prior to this transfer of two blasts taking hold, we did a transfer of three blasts, NONE of which took hold. Should IVF patients always transfer just ONE embryo? It's somewhat logical, but literally financially impossible for most couples. And to think that I might have endured three failed single transfers before becoming pregnant... multiply that by many more for many other women who have not yet gotten lucky.

Also, many pregnancies (IVF, clomid, or regular) start out as multiple and evolve to be singleton.

I am coming to believe that though we increase our risks of having twins, there is still so little we actually control. There is no perfect answer to this conundrum. I just want you to know that I hear you and I look forward to seeing how the wonder of your two children soon overshadows the part of your life that was disrupted (and, ironically, so enhanced in the end) by ART procedures.


I am so happy for you guys. They look wonderful and it has been a long road but now they are home. Enjoy!


I'm sorry you had to go through all that. It's like you can never catch a break. But I'm so glad that they are home with you now and doing well. And my god, they are just adorable. I can't wait to hear more about your life as a MOM!


YEAH!!! both babies home! I am sure sleep is a distant memory at this point.

Please don't blame yourself for the early delivery or the NICU experience, it could happen to anyone IVF or no. You brought 2 beautiful lives into the world. You will care for them and love them for your entire life. and that is what is the most important.

oh-and I love their names.


Wow. I've never read a more accurate account of how I felt when my twins were born. I have boy/girl twins born Easter Sunday at 36w3d. My son spent 12 days in the NICU, 3 of which hooked up to a ventilator so they could give him two doses of surfactant. I still feel guilty about how I felt just prior to going into labor. We also conceived via IVF and transferred 2 embryos. I'm so grateful every day as I look at them. And that's the thing, I think eventually the guilt gives way to gratitude, and you appreciate them even more (if that's even possible).
Congratulations on your twins, on having them home, and know that you aren't alone.


Oh Lori, your babies are precious. Love the names.

Please don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. It's natural to want to blame someone and who better then you. You've been good to them from the very beginning and will continue. I'm so happy that you are all together.


Lori - All that matters is that those 2 beautiful babies are home with you now and doing well. I'm so thrilled for all of you! Try your best to let go of the IVF-vaginal birth guilt. You wanted to bring a beautiful soul or 2 into the world and you've done that. It's only worth celebrating.

waiting line

holy crap! CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS!! (that's twice for you bc of the twins) :-)

can't wait to hear more, and am completely amazed that you blogging - you must be exhausted!



Premature? It's not your fault. It's not your fault. More than one embryo? Not your fault that you had twins and then NICU. I wish I could take all the doubts away, but all I can say is after doing IVF myself I think you hit the jackpot!

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