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February 16, 2007



I always feel like a side show attraction when we go out.

We had to get an SUV when we installed the car seats and realized my husband couldn't fit at all in our mid-sized sedan with a baby behind him.


I promise that if we ever meet in the street I will just exclaim how adorable they are, and not ask any dumb questions, ok? Glad you're getting out a little, it must be hard to be cooped up.


Maybe it's just in our world, but I really didn't think twins were as rare a commodity as it seems when we're out. Oy.

We had to trade in my wonderful Jetta wagon (the one I'd always thought would be my first mommy car, but was still cute and zippy) for the dreaded minivan. But, it is really nice to get the seats in, and we can still fit extra adults, and when we don't have extra grown-ups we have a HUGE space in the back - enough that we often don't fold the stroller. So now I kinda like it. (The first time my mom saw it, she said it looked like I'd become a suburban mommy, and then I had to get some bumper stickers to shake things up a bit. But other than that...)


Dear Lori, I'm glad you're getting out a little. And as for the comments that people make -- yeah, they're pretty amazing sometimes. I still marvel at the idea that even seemingly smart people don't seem to grasp that fraternal twins are no more identical than other siblings are. And that identical twins share the same genetic makeup and thus cannot possibly be of different sexes. But hey, people surprise me all the time.


Glad to hear that you are getting out a little, I found that very difficult at first. You are right it truly is amazing the comments that come out of people's mouths. When people used to ask if our boys were twins my husband used to reply "no they are 3 months apart", then he would walk away. We usually didn't get any questions after that one! :)



Do they need to be naked? People never fail to amaze me.
I think the same as you when I meet an older person who didn't have children. It makes me a bit more grateful to be living in the time that we are.


Your post was so fun for me to read. I just asked a woman in the grocery store today if her boy and girl (about 4 years old) were twins -and she looked so exasperated until I jumped right in and said, "I'm 21 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins" she lit right up! we talked for about 20 minutes and i got all sorts of great advice and positivity from her. Her kids, seriously, could not look more different. one had bright red curly hair and fair skin, the other more olive skin and dark hair. she told me that people STILL ask if they are identical (yes, even though they are boy girl!)

well - we have already purchased a mini-van. last week. we got some lectures from friends who have 2 kids in car seats and they said it's the way to go. I also surveyed a bunch of twin parents who I've gotten to know and all but one SWEARS by the minivan. apparently the 3rd seat in the rear will save your butt time and again because you can feed & change back there with the tinted windows anywhere you go. plus all the room for double strollers, etc AND the fact that you don't have to lean so far down to get the kids in & out - it's at arm level.

we got a used Honda Odessey and are so far liking it a lot even though we don't have the tykes yet. the used one (2004) had only about 30,000 mi on it and we saved 10k. not bad. and the gas milage is better than our 1995 subaru!


We bought a new station wagon specifically becaues we thought it would be good with kids... only to find out that, like Jenn, the car seat cannot fit behind my husband. I know what you mean about the mini cooper - such a cute car!

I have trouble with titles too - glad you're not letting it stop you :-)


As a fairly recent mini.cooper buyer I understand your dream all too well. If it helps, I saw a woman at the gas station a couple of weeks ago with two car seats in the back of her cooper. She claimed to love it with kids.

Lil Liberal

I've sometimes been guilty of the "are they twins" thing- I have moms that have double strollers and watch each others babies- so I'm never sure if they're twins or if the woman is a nanny of two, or if it's a mom watching another baby or what. But then, I live in nanny central. :)

I don't think anyone means *badly* by it. Although the comments about "are they identical" is hilarious. :)I'd be tempted to be really bad and make some jokes about accidental gender reassignment surgery, or cross-dressing.

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