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August 02, 2007



If only there were a way to gracefully duck answering! Sorry you've had a rough couple of days.

The daycare people should know it's just mean to laugh! What timeframe are you looking for?


I hated that question too because even if you say no, then people look at you like you must be doing something wrong. But at least you get some sympathy.


Dear Lori, is just screaming when you hear "Are they slee-" an option? Or obvious distraction maneuvers ("Hey, look! A praying mantis!")? Otherwise, I have no bleeding idea -- it's sort of a reflex question to ask new parents, isn't it? I would guess particularly so with twins. I hope the jinx lifts soon...

As for the laughing, that's just cruel. Jeez.

Lut C.

You could tell them just that, whenever someone asks that question they don't sleep well. :-)


Lying might work. I have a crummy sleeper and any time I get asked that question and I tell the person how often he wakes up, we wind up having a great night of sleep!


Oh no! Our DD sleeps pretty well through the night as well, but refuses to nap during the day...at least not when people are around. So she always appears super cranky. Oh well. Can you just answer by saying it varies from day to day, and leave it at that?


I would see if lying works. Because honestly, it's all about what gives you the most sleep.

waiting line

I admit, I would probably lie. I know people mean well but sometimes I'd just say whatever will make them shut up faster. :-)


I am all for the lying too.. hey whatever works! :) I didn't get that question when my boys were small, the one that go me was 'Are they walking yet?'. When I said no then they followed up with 'Why?'.

Good luck, it seems like the questions just keep coming as they get older so good luck! :)


"They sleep like babies" with a sweet smile on your face.

Or, look desperate and laugh.

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