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August 12, 2007



Oh, Lori, they are SO adorable! I love seeing pics of other people's kids. I have chosen to post some too. I will probably take them down at some point, but see no problem in leaving them up for now.

Do post on your daycare search, please! I've been going to look at a few places too, but have no idea what I'm doing.


Twin chase games are the best. I can't get over how much N looks like you.

I post pictures. I figure, people see them when we go out and we attract so much attention anyway. I guess I don't see the difference between people seeing them in public or on the internet. That may change as they get older and closer to school age though.


Hey girl, you look good! I like the new profile photo...pretty much says it all!

I have a hrd time wieghing in on the kid pic debate. Most days I love seeing photos of them. Some days I have a really hard time seeing pictures of other people's kids. But the days I'm having a hard time, I normally just stay away altogether. I'd hate to vote no when in reality, I'll never be here on a bad day and then ruin someone else's chances of seeing your adorable babes.


OMG - how adorable. I love the pictures of C crawling over N! I'm very much looking forward to when my twins are busy crawling all over!


I think one of the reasons ppl don't post pics is that places like google and flickr collect the pics and so people you don't know will be looking at pictures of your children, and that freaks some people out. I'm very delighted to see pictures of your children, they are lovely! Thank you for sharing.


Dear Lori, what a wonderful post, and what adorable kids! That business of crawling over each other is so funny. I absolutely love to see pictures of your children, so if you ask me, keep 'em coming!


How cute are they? And going for the "grilling" magazine, how fun is that?

If you ask me, I always loved to see the baby pics of infertiles. I always had problems looking at belly shots during pregnancy though. Babay pics are just adorable so keep them coming!


They are adorable, thanks for sharing their photos. I am not brave enough to put photos of my kids on my blog.

Good luck with the child care search


Cute! I'm glad you're all doing so well!


I love your profile pic too :-) That is just adorable. And you look fantastic, might I add!


I can't believe they're crawling already!!

I'm a non picture posting parent. I only post them to a password protected gallery for friends and family. I don't even post face shots on flickr, even for friends and family only. Partially it's paranoia. You never know, and yes, millions of people blog and post pictures of their kids, but my personal opinion in what works for US, is that it's my job as the parent to protect him and his privacy. I mean, he's too young to make that decision and I could be all "I'm the adult so I trump your choice", but really, it's my job as the adult to make sure that he's protected, and that includes privacy on the internet. I know so many people do it, and I really love looking at pictures of everyone's kids, I do, but it's kind of a double standard. I get to look at yours, but you can't look at mine? So I don't get the least bit upset or offended if people don't share.

Tangent, I know, but that's kind of our decision as the Mini's parents.


Welcome back (well, welcome back to me, too, I had stopped checking for a while). Your little ones are incredibly cute. Love the crawling photos. Also love the photo of you wearing both of them, that's a true super mom photo!

Lut C.

They are adorable, crawling on top of each other like that. :-)

I'm not posting pictures because I'm concerned about my anonymity. Maybe I'll post some in an invitation-only setting.


Oh man, I missed the photos. That's what I get for being away and not blog checking regularly.

I occasionally post pictures of P, but I'm hesitant each time. It's mainly because I'm afraid of being outed and having a family member figure out it's my blog. I can see both sides of the argument.



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