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September 10, 2007



Welcome back! sounds like a fun, but challenging time.

And *congratulations* on the new job! I was wondering if you'd put that shiny bar certificate (do you get such a thing) to any use :-) Will you be doing the lawyer thing, or is it something else?

I don't think you need to apologize at all about not being shiny happy at home. It is totally the thing for some people, and totally not for others. And that's just fine. I think you should blog candidly about it - people should realize that you're talking about YOU and YOUR situation, and not making judgements on anyone else who has made different choices, or who has a different personality from you.


P.S. Love the pics! I can't believe how big N and C are now. And you look great :-)


Dear Lori, congratulations on the new job! How exciting! As for feeling strange about blogging about at-home motherhood, I can understand that so well. I suppose this is such a sensitive issue all around that any comment on personal preference is bound to get someone on the defensive. But please remember that your faithful readers are all rooting for you and wanting you to be happy.

Thanks for the pictures! All of you look great.


First - just look at you wearing both twins. You are impressive.

Second - I understand your feelings about being at home. It isn't a good fit for everyone. It's only recently that we have fetishized motherhood to the point that we held it up as an ideal to love doing nothing but childcare. In the past women had to work. Had to, or starve. It was only in the 1950s that this cult of domesticity really took hold.

Finally -- good luck with the new job!


Every time I see N I can't get over how much he looks just like you.

And do write about the home vs. work thing. I always wanted to stay home and can't see doing it any other way, but after doing it, I totally get why some people don't want to.


Love the pics! Good luck going back to work. Some of us are just better mom's when we work and some are better to stay home, we all need to do what's best for us individually! Hope you like your new job.


Good luck with the new job! I had to chuckle about the vacation...we did it in June, and I think we both vowed there won't be another vacation for quite a while. The twins look so big! And you look great!

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