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October 15, 2007



Oh my goodness I can't believe how big they are getting.


They look so big! I love the picture.


Oh, that is a gorgeous shot.


How adorable. I can't believe how big they are getting.


I also will discover many things go blog about throughout my days with the new twins, but once I find the time, the moment is gone. Your twins are adorable.

fisher queen

That is such a great photo. I hope C is feeling better!


Since I didn't help with the book fund I just helped out with the college fund. It's kind of funny because most of the links are IVF links and then, all of a sudden, Pledge. How strange is that?


I hope C is doing OK. I'm looking forward to your next post, but I also understand how hard it is to get to it!

Thanks, for stopping by my blog. It was great to hear from you.



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I am two seaons late, but hello anyway!
What a cute photo!


Hi lady-

I know you are super busy- I have been very content to come over here every once in a while and look at your photo. I've got a question though- do you keep in touch with Manuela? I have been wondering about her for so long. Send me an email?

Baggage Express USA

That's awesome. I'm so glad you started blogging and that I can call you my friend. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

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what a nice shot, and the pumpkins they are so big,,my first time to saw that big pumpkins..

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That's nice, i suggest that you always schedule your baby for an ENT check up, it's for your baby's good too.


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