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September 11, 2008



Dear Lori, it's good to hear from you. And no, you don't suck. As you say, all possible options come with tradeoffs, and you are doing the very best you can. That's all any of us can do.

And congratulations on the new job!


You'd think I have the best of both worlds working at home, but even that sucks most of the time. Something or someone is always shortchanged.


It was good to see a new post from you pop up in my reader!

I don't think there is such a thing as balance in this instance. A woman stays at home full-time, but might want to work. Another might work full-time, but wants to be home more often. I am often frustrated at the lack of balance, because like you, I enjoy working. I'll be honest, I also love working full-time and couldn't have it any other way. However, I would always love more time to spend with P. I find it one of parenting's most frustrating issues.


Hooray, it's good to hear from you!

I don't know if there is such a thing as balance. I want and choose to be home full time but I still really miss my job and have to search for ways to keep my brain alive. I think there's always something we long for no matter what.


Lori - great to hear from you and congrats on the new job. I so know how you are feeling, I get really antsy on the days I don't get home for bedtime. But I do also enjoy working. Don't know how to resolve this other than to agree with others that from here on out, things are perfect, but imperfect, all at the same time.


So glad to hear an update! When you have twins and are working I am sure it's hard to find time to blog.

Take care and enjoy

The Broken Man

Hope you get to see the cute stuff really soon (not sure about the spitting though!)

The Broken Man


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Micheala Woods

Its difficult to get time management into order even though we stay at home full time, there is just so much to do. Motherhood is wonder hood i think :-).

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